Book. Pick up. Drive.

If you’re in need of a car now and then, a Move About membership fits like a glove. Simply pick up the car closest to you, and then return it at its home base when you are done. Everything else is taken care of. Simple as that.

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The best car for your needs

Book your trip with our simple and intuitive app, tailor-made for electric car sharing. The app will help you find the best car for your trip based on charging levels, availability and planned route.

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Your phone is the key

Unlock the car using the app, and see all upcoming, ongoing and past trips right in the palm of your hands. If you want to extend or change the time of your booking it's just one click away.

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Available both for Android and iOS

Our app is free to download. All you have to do is to create a membership and decide on your next destination. Get the app for iOS or Android and start your journey today. Simple, flexible and 100% electric.


Move About for business

With Move About, you get the help and expertise needed on how you can optimize your fleet – with the right mixture of electric cars and bikes. Reach out today and get a streamlined solution for your needs.

Subscription plans

Change of plans? No worries. You can easily cancel your trip without any extra charge up to two hours prior to your booking.

Hit a road bump? Contact our customer support and let our experts give you a helping hand.

You can also find answers to common problems in our Help center.


If you are injured or there's a traffic hazard we recommend that you call 911.

If there are damages or other problems with the car you can call us on 031-799 28 04.


No need to think about fuel. You can charge the car how much you like at its home base.